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    Would you like more traffic without spending a penny in advertising? 
    Finally, Learn How To Build A Profit Pulling “Deployable Traffic Asset" Click-By-Click, Step-By-Step In the Next 48 hours Using The Digital Traffic Protocol Without Spending One Penny In Paid Advertising… 
    What is a “Digital Traffic Asset” and how does it work?
    Congrats, welcome to step 1. 

    A Digital Traffic Asset is designed to solve a specific problem, for a specific segment of the market while spitting out a result. 

    Most affiliates just use the affiliate pages and resources they are given to promote the offer. You’re going to see why this isn't a good idea and how to position your flow when you’re sending them to an affiliate offer in step 3. 

    I’m a massive fan of the “Strategic Affiliate Funnel’, which you’re going to learn more about in step 2 and why they work so well. 

    But, first let’s talk about the first problem we have to tackle that’s right in front of us. 

    One of the biggest mistakes most affiliates are making right now is everyone wants traffic, but they don’t stop and think about conversions. Please don't take my word for it we are going to take a look at the market and see where they are driving traffic too. 

    You're going to quickly see why they are not getting any opt-ins and why they are having such a hard time with making any sale online; rather, it’s a high ticket or low ticket. 

    When you learn what I’m going to teach you here at the “Digital Traffic Protocol” you will know how to sell any product on ClickBank or anywhere else for that matter and the price point can be as little as a “Free Trial Offer” up to a four-figure product. 

    Before, I can show you how I create my “Strategic Affiliate Funnels,” I first have to pick a product to promote for this specific Digital Asset. 

    I’m going to keep this simple and show you what I look at when picking a product and why I wouldn’t use some of the things that’s offer to help affiliates make sales. 

    In this section, I’m going to challenge you to think like a marketer instead of a consumer who's looking to buy a product. The name of the game at the end of the day is to make our competition nonexistent no matter how many affiliates is promoting the same product. 

    Step 1, truly is the foundation for any successful “Digital Traffic Asset”… 

    Let’s dive in, and I’ll show you what I’m talking about… 
    The Digital Protocol White Page Cheat sheet: This cheat sheet will show you create a “Digital Traffic Asset” and Step you through how to drive traffic too.” Click here to download it…

    To get the most out of the “Digital Traffic Protocol,” I highly recommend you do these steps with me, so by Step 5, your able to start driving traffic. 

    35 Minutes From Now, You Will Know A Simple Shortcut To Creating Compelling Copy That Convert… 
    Most affiliates walk around buying products or grabbing an affiliate link before they even know how they are going to promote the product. 

    For example… 

    The last time you signed up for a product did you already know how you were going to promote it or did you get sucked into someone else marketing and results? 

    Maybe, it’s just me. 

    However, it took me a long time to learn what I’m about to teach you here in step #2.  

    Before, you buy a product or grab an affiliate link or create a “Strategic Affiliate Funnel,” you first have to know how you’re going to market the product. 

    It’s crucial you understand this, in affiliate marketing were selling clicks, and the affiliate offer is selling the product. 

    This means we need to know how to write compelling copy. 

    Did you find the product that you want to promote? 

    If not go back to step 1, because you’re going to need those notes if you want to create copy that moves your visitor to action. 

    If you're still reading on, I’m going to assume, your following along with me and have your notes and ready for the next part. 

    Congrats, welcome to step 2.

    Today, I want to prove to you that you don’t need to be a copywriter to be able to write copy that makes a person take action. 

    The copy is just the words we put on a page; it’s designed to pull at an emotional cord to make your visitor want to take the next step. 

    Most affiliate marketers are either just creating bad copy, that doesn’t move anyone, or worse they are copying someone who copy suck, but it works for that person. 

    It’s a lot of marketers online today, who copy suck but they're having success, and I’m going to explain to you why it works for them but want work for you and me. 

    You're going to get to look over my shoulder and see step-by-step click-by-click how I create copy that’s designed to convert my visitor while standing out from the crowd. 

    This is important; it’s so important that we are going to be looking at a lot of copy. 

    You will get to see first hand what makes copy terrible, okay, great, and how I come up with my copy for all my affiliate offers. 

    When you understand how to look at an offer and create a piece of copy around that offer that makes people want to opt-in or learn more about your offer… 

    You're well on your way to success. 

    By the end of this video, you will know how to take any offer, and create a piece of compelling copy around it to peak someone interest. 

    However, first... 

     let me show you why most affiliate marketers fail to have any real success when it comes to their “Digital Traffic Assets” and why I prefer the “Strategic Affiliate Funnel.”  

    Let’s jump in... 
    Secret Funnel Strategy Landing Page

    Now that you know how to create compelling copy, it’s time for us to take this new skillset and put it to work.

    I highly recommend you complete this part before moving on to step 3. 

    A True “Digital Traffic Asset” Isn’t The Funnel, It’s The Flow Get This Wrong And Nothing Else Matters… 
    The major problem with most affiliate funnels, is they don’t know how to set up their “Digital Traffic Asset” to keep the visitor moving through the process. 

    This is why I don’t like creating lead magnets to get a person to opt-in because it breaks the flow of your process. 

    Did you create your copy you need to set up your “Strategic Affiliate Funnel”? 

    If not, stop here and go back to step #2, I show you a super-easy way to create your copy.

    If you’re still reading, I’m going to assume that you have your copy and ready to start building your “Strategic Affiliate Funnel” too. 

    Congrats, Welcome to step 3 Part 1. 

    Before I can teach you how to create a “Strategic Affiliate Funnel,” I first have to show you how most affiliates are currently building their business right now, and why it’s keeping them stuck and frustrated. 

    While I know funnels are a dime a dozen, what most marketers don’t understand is a funnel is just a funnel, anyone can create one. However, it’s the understanding of a funnel flow that makes you successful. 

    To understand funnels, you first have to realize that you’re creating a process, in a logical order that you want to take your prospect through that leads to a sale. 

    At no point do you want to make them stop and think or snap them out of the zone while there in your process, do that and you already lost. 

    It’s about the flow of the funnel that either makes you commissions or keep you broke. 

    Believe it or not, you can snap people out of the process based on the text you use on your button, more on this in step 3 part 2. 

    For now, understand if you don’t understand the flow of your funnel, you're not going to convert anyone… 

    In this video, you’re going to learn first hand why most funnels suck and make it 100 times harder for you to have any real success, with your email marketing efforts. 

    Most people want to say it’s because email is dead, the truth is that’s not true, and it’s the process there taking the people through. 

    For Example… 

    Just like a DJ, if he or she wants to get people out their chairs and dancing and having a good time, then they have to know what song should be first, second, third and onward…

    If they play the wrong song at the wrong time, they snap people out that mode, and they sit down, making it look like the DJ suck. 

    We want to make sure we don’t do this, and the “Strategic Affiliate Funnel” is my goto process for creating a flow when I’m promoting affiliate products. 

    This one isn’t as fast pace, like the other two but trust me you need to know this stuff… 

    In the 2nd part of this video, your going to learn why most affiliates quick before they ever make their first sale. 

    You're going to learn the only four tools you need to start building an online business from scratch.

    You can get started with everything for as little as 15 bucks with most of that being the cost of your domain name. 

    However, first, let me show you why the “Strategic Affiliate Funnel Flow” is essential to your success.

    We will be setting up 3 of the 4 tools in this step so we can hit the ground running in the step 3 part 2. 

    This will help avoid overwhelm and frustration by keeping thing simple like I do, as you’re going to see in Step 3 Part 2. 

    The setup process we do now has a lot to do with use being able to keep this simple.   

    Let’s jump into step 3... 

    My Domain Name: I like this service because they have a reasonable price and they take your security very seriously. Click here to learn more…

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    My Tracking: When it comes to creating your “MTA’s” you want to know how effective each one is, so you can do more of what works and less of what don't. Click here to learn more…

    My Automation Tool: Here's the automation tool I'm using and trust for this project. I really like that you can get up and running fast with this tool, more importantly you have some really powerful features as your going to see. Click here to learn more... 
    In Step 3 Part 2, I’m going to show you the flow of my “Digital Traffic Asset” using my “Strategic Affiliate Funnel Flow” to ensure I don’t snap the visitor out of the process. 

    I recommend you grab your favorite drink and open up another tab and create your “Digital Traffic Asset” with me. 

    We will be building our funnel from scratch because I want you to get used to using the tool. 

    More importantly, we don’t want to look like everyone else in the marketplace.  

    You will find the link to clone our funnel below the video if you want to move fast.

    Remember if our visitor thinks they already know what’s on the next page, they are not going to opt-in an if they don’t opt-in then we have no chance at making a sale. 

    We want to make sure we get this right on the first time so that we can make simple tweaks to our copy until we hit our goals. 
    Clone The Strategic Affiliate Funnel Flow: You can change the copy, background images, icons, width, etc…. You have complete control over the look and feel of this funnel flow. Grab The Strategic Affiliate Flow Funnel Here…

    With that said, I don’t recommend you change the flow meaning the content you put on each page, because it’s designed to keep them moving through the process. 

    Instead, you want to model your content based around what I have shown you how to do here in the last three steps. 

    My Domain Name: I like this service because they have a reasonable price and take your security very seriously. Click here to learn more…

    At this point, you should have everything set up; it’s just one more thing we need to do before we start driving traffic to our “Digital Traffic Asset.” 

    Here’s A Simple Approach You Can Use To Forecast Your Sales Each Month Even If This Is Your First Day Online...
    When most people start online, they have a lot of big dreams and goals, and they want to do everything at once. 

    For example… 

    I was doing a marketing consultation with a client who wanted to know how to get started with this online thing. 

    She had about 13 to 15 things she wanted to do online and tried to do it all at once, the problem with this is she’s spreading herself to thin. 

    While her husband thought she could do it, I had no illusions about how much work goes into breaking through in one niche, let alone 13 to 15 at the same time. 

    Trying to do too much too soon, is one of the fastest ways to ensure you fail at this online game. 

    While I couldn’t get her to see that, she did go down to like 7 or 8 niches. 

    I’m hoping she’s going to see it’s to much and niche down to just one niche and have exclusive pieces of content for the other things when she wants to talk about something else. 

    This is why it was critical that you set up your unique tracking link to ensure you get this part correct. 

    We are only going to be focusing on promoting one link, and that link points back to your “Digital Traffic Asset” and nothing else. 

    This is important, affiliates today are sending traffic everywhere, and the problem is they are not leveraging their efforts to work for them… 

    As a result, they are spreading their efforts to thin, so it doesn’t make any real impact. 

    In step 3 part 1, I showed you how to set up your unique tracking link, it this quick video I want to show you how to track you’re MTA to see which MTA is performing and which MTA missed the mark. 

    I highly recommend you take the time out to do this part because if your reading this that means your “Digital Traffic Asset” is set up and ready to start spitting out leads while building your cash-flow. 

    This means your number one goal should be to focus on the “Digital Traffic Protocol” each day seeing how many clicks you got yesterday and how you can approve going forward. 

    In step 5, I’m going to show you how to kickstart your traffic with the DTP but for now, let me show you how to track your links and conversions. 

    Let’s dig in… 
     My Tracking: When it comes to creating your “MTA’s” you want to know how effective each one is, so you can do more of what works and less of what don't. Click here to learn more…

    This was a super easy step in comparison to what we been doing. Mainly because this was just about us understanding how to use our tracking service and how to track the performance of each MTA we create. 

    Yes, I get it this seems to easy to work, but I’m telling you this works like gangbusters. 

    Because, everything you do is pointing back to the same link. 

    Think about that for a second this means all your MTA’s that knock it out the park, your MTA’s that does good, your MTA’s that does okay, and your MTA’s that flop is all pointing back to your “Digital Traffic Asset.”  

    You’re not spreading your efforts out; it’s all focused on driving traffic to one link and one link only. 

    It doesn’t cost you anything to do this, so it’s 100 percent within your control, and it just comes down to how bad you want what you say you want. 

    Which brings us to the Digital Traffic Protocol… 
    Here’s How To Deploy The “Digital Traffic Protocol” To Kickstart Your Traffic 100% Free… 
    Finally, we can dive into the Digital Traffic Protocol now that we have our “Digital Traffic Asset” in place along with our tracking.  

    It goes without saying that if you haven’t set up your “Digital Traffic Asset” using the “Strategic Affiliate Funnel Flow” then go back to step 1 and do it with me. 

    The best part is you only really have to do this once, and after it’s setup you don’t have to do it again, you’re just going to be making small little tweaks to improve on the performance of your “Digital Traffic Asset.” 

    Most solo entrepreneurs think they need to have a ton of money and social proof if they want to have success online. 

    I'm going to teach you how to deploy a simple, unique formula that doesn't require you to invest one penny into paid advertising. 


    It will require about an hour or less per day once you get good at what I'm going to show you. 

    I have to warn you, this isn't for everyone, and it’s not for marketers who believe everything has to be overly complicated. 

    The Digital Traffic Protocol is an easy way to kickstart your sales as an affiliate or just selling your product. 

    One of the main reasons why the Digital Traffic Protocol works so well is because it forces you to focus all your attention and efforts on the one thing that matters. 

    Most marketers are running around, trying to do 20 different things at once. 

    They have their time and effort spread so thin, that they feel like their working super hard, yet they are not getting any results. 

    Last warning… 

    The “Digital Traffic Protocol” is an action guide; I expect you to follow along. 

    My goal is by the end of this click by click tutorial; you will have your outline for your first MTA ready to create to start driving traffic to your “Digital Traffic Asset.”

    Not only will it be building a deployable traffic asset for you on the backend, but it will also spit out cash-flow while building a relationship with your audience. 

    More than ever, relationships matter, gone are the days you can create a review website, and they buy. 

    If your “Digital Traffic Asset” can’t do this, then head to step one and let me show you how to do it starting from scratch.

    Digital Traffic Assets focus on building your brand online. 

    Let’s jump into this… 
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    Keyword Anywhere: This is a cool extension that tells you the monthly search amount for the keywords you’re searching for along with related keywords. Click Here To Learn More… 

    You now know how to start driving traffic to your “Digital Traffic Asset” along with why it works so well. 

    The last thing I want to give you is a game plan, so you will know how to take full advantage of your New Asset. 

    Here's Your Next 100 Day Game Plan To Ensure You Don't Get Lost, Stuck Or Feel Overwhelmed...  
    After watching this step you will wake up everyday knowing exactly what to do and how to do it. 

    The best part is, this is 100% free and just comes down to you putting in the work. 

    Congrats, you completing all five steps! 

    You now have a “Digital Traffic Asset” up and running based on the “Strategic Affiliate Funnel Flow” that’s designed to help you start getting those small wins faster. 

    To complete this training, I want to take this time to breakdown a simple game plan you can deploy to capitalize on your momentum. 

    I have seen too many times where people have big goals and dreams, and because they don’t know what to do, they lose all their hard work and find themselves starting over… 

    I want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you, that’s why I’m going to show you a straightforward game plan that ensures you know what you should be doing each day. 

    We’re taking the guesswork out of it, to ensure you have the best chance at success.  
    If you would like to track my results and see where I land after I create 100 MTA’s you can click the big blue button blow. 

    My Course: If you would like to pull back the curtains and see the ends and outs of how I was able to create this “Digital Asset” from scratch you can click here to learn more about “The Digital Protocol.” Click here to learn more…
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